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  • FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

Our team recently had the honor of participating in Team 254's Chezy Champs! Our robot surpassed all expectations, and by the last day 3512 was the number 5 alliance captain and made it all the way to quarter finals. We were also awarded the Most Improved Team of 2018. We are so honored to have been invited to participate in this competition, and would like to give a special thanks to the Cheesy Poofs for hosting this event!

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  • FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

Orcutt Academy High School’s robotics team, FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks, won the prestigious Ventura Regional as an alliance captain, which is a first in the team’s 8-year history. They ended qualification rounds ranked second and teamed up with a team from Santa Barbara, 5818 “Riviera Robotics,” and a team from Shanghai, China, 5515 “Blue Power Robotics” to form a powerful alliance. As the winning alliance all three teams have qualified to go to the World Championships in Houston, Texas. This means 3512 has two weeks to raise the $40,000 they need to take their whole team to Worlds.

Chairman's captain, Jon LeDuc said, “I’ve had the amazing opportunity to go to Worlds twice in my 3 years on the team already. It has been an absolutely amazing experience to meet hundreds of teams from all over the world and it's an experience I don't think any team member should have to miss out on.”

This is a very exciting opportunity for the team and they are attempting to take every member to Houston, but in order to do so they need help raising the money. The team is having their Second Annual Tri-Tip Chili Dinner, Robot Show, and Silent Auction which is the team’s largest fundraiser and should raise about half of the needed money. The team still needs the community’s support to make it happen and to raise an additional $20,000. The Tri-Tip Chili Dinner is being held on April 14th 2018 at Orcutt Academy and tickets can be bought from a team member or from their website at

The Ventura regional was a super exciting experience for the team. The alliance of 3512, 5818, and 5515 worked extraordinarily well together leading them all the way to the finals against the number one seed alliance. Similar to their first competition in Los Angeles, 3512 was the only team to successfully lift another robot along with themselves. This ended up being their strong point as both alliances had won a match and it was down to the last few seconds of the rubber match that would determine the winner and 3512’s alliance was down by a few points, but with their double climb they gained an extra 60 points making them the winners of the Ventura Regional showing the true power of Diakoptis and FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks. The team not only won the whole regional but were also awarded the Excellence in Engineering award because of how well their robot looked and performed. The judges were very impressed with their hook and their method of completing a double climb.

The team needs your help. We don’t want to leave any Spartans behind and deprive them of the amazing experience of worlds. Please help the team give this amazing opportunity to its students by making a donation.

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  • FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

Thank you to everyone who came to our Chipotle fundraiser, but the fun's not over just yet. Come buy a ticket to eat some delicious pizza, and sip on some crisp soda and get a free entrance to watch Star Wars episode 7 included with your purchase of a 5 dollar ticket. This event will be held at the Orcutt Academy High school MU at 12 pm December 15.