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Outreach Events

Dog Agility Competition


Our team has created a partnership with the Santa Maria Kennel Club and has agreed to provide students to help with their two annual competitions where the students will help set up, change the field between rounds, be field re-setters to fix what dogs knock down, and then help clean up at the end of the three day competition.

FLL Summer Camp


We've partnered with the Santa Maria Discovery Museum to make a summer camp for kids to build and program an EV3.

Rotary Club Demo


We presented Antikythera, our 2017 competition robot, to the Tri-Valley R/C Modelers Club.



We showed off our robots at the annual Santa Barbara County Fair. 

FLL Tournaments


Every year our team runs two FLL tournaments a Practice tournament and a qualifying tournament for all of the local FLL teams.

FLL Workshops


Every year we host two FLL workshops a Game Release workshop where we play the game videos for the new game, answer any questions coaches have, and show a robot complete several missions and a Programming Workshop where we teach new coaches and students how to program an EV3 robot.

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