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  • FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

Missed our car wash last month? We've got great news for you! On September 21st, from 10:00am-3:00pm, don’t forget to stop by Next Day Signs on 1935 South Broadway street in Santa Maria. 3512 Spartatroniks will be washing cars for only 5 dollars! What a bargain!

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  • FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

From March 15-17, we competed in our first regional competition of this season, the LA North Regional in Valencia. We used skillful driving and defensive maneuvers to our advantage to rank 15th in the Qualifying Rounds. We were picked by the 4th seeded alliance by Teams 207 The Metal Crafters and 7645 NK-MTC. With the help of our alliance members, we were able to make it all the way to the third round of semifinals, where we ultimately lost in a heated tie breaker. Overall, it was a great competition, and we enjoyed meeting other teams who attended and seeing all the robots competing. We hope to see you at our next competition in Ventura from March 27-30!

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  • FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

This month has been a very busy and exciting week for our team. On Friday, March 8, our team held our annual pep rally at OAHS. Our outreach team has been planning for the rally for many months, and everything went as planned. We introduced each of our team members to the school, revealed the robot, and played some fun games with the students. Overall, our rally turned out to be fun, enthusiastic, and spirited! 

This weekend, our team will be headed to our first regional competition. We cannot wait to finally see Andromeda in action! The competition will take place in Valencia, California. If you would like to watch us compete from home, you can tune in on Matches will be live streamed all day! 

We could not be more excited for the upcoming competition. Keep an eye out for updates on social media during and after competitions! 

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