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Who's Ready to LEGO?

Our team recently hosted two tournaments --a practice and a qualifying-- for the First Lego League. First Lego League, or FLL, is a program for students in the fourth to eighth grade. Students complete missions by building a robot out of legos. Our tournament was run completely by volunteers, mostly student volunteers. Most of these volunteers were 3512 team members or alumnus, but we also had volunteers from the Santa Ynez 5136 Mechapirates. Teams were evaluated based on robot performance, demonstration of FLL Core Values, and their innovative solution to a space related problem. Awards included Champion's Award, Core Values Award, Project Award, Robot Design Award, Robot Performance, and Judges' Award. At the Qualifying Tournament, the top three teams went on to attend a tournament in Los Angeles. Our team had a blast hosting these tournaments, and it was an honor to do so! We are excited to host these tournaments again next FLL season. 

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