• FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks

Week 1 of Build Season!

As the first week of build season comes to an end, 3512 is very optimistic about the upcoming season. Our team put their heads together to come up with an out of this world robot design! Our robot features an elevator with a hatch/cargo intake attached to it. 3512 is already working on our proto-bot, and we hope to get started on the competition bot soon! Our CAD team has been working on sketches and drafts in order for us to test our ideas and to prepare for building. The Finance Team has been busy writing grants, discussing budget, and getting our team organized, among other tasks. The Outreach Team continues to improve our website, update social media, create the chairman's video, and organize the rally. Our mechanical team is creating a frame for our robot and finishing up a proto-bot. The electrical team is working on our robots electrical boards for the proto and comp bot. Meanwhile, the software team is working on programming for our robots and testing. We are excited to begin the second week of our build season!

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