• FIRST 3512 Spartatroniks


On Saturday, our build season began with kickoff! Spartatroniks gathered early that morning to prepare for the game release. After half an hour of anxious waiting, the game was finally released! The Deep Space field is composed of two platforms, four rocket ships, and two cargo ships. The rocket ships have three levels to insert balls (cargo) and panels (hatches). They are located on the side walls of each alliance side. The cargo ship has only one level, and is located in the center of the field on both alliance sides. The platforms can be climbed for extra points at the end of the match, and are lined up with the drivers station. Rocket ships can be filled up to get points, and if one whole rocket is filled teams can earn one ranking point. Cargo ships are also filled for points. After the game release, students spent hours debating and strategizing on the best way to go about the game. The team continues to work on strategies and design ideas this week.

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